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The Number 1 coffee, Trung Nguyen, G7 coffee
HWB is distributing Vietnam coffee. The No. 1 coffee in Vietnam, Trung Nguyen, G7 Coffee. Trung Nguyen, G7 coffee makes the true vietnamese coffee that using the real coffee bean into the coffee. The products consist of two ranges, Trung Nguyen coffee power range and also the instant G7 coffee, G7 range that consists of the 3in1 G7 coffee, instant coffee and also G7 cappuccino. The Trung Nguyen coffee power range is very famous to make into eg. Espresso and many others. The G7 coffee and G7 cappuccino are very famous for its lasting Aroma and the G7 cappuccino consist of the three favour, G7 cappuccino Hazelnut, G7 cappuccino Irish Cream and G7 cappuccino Mocha. All these can be found in http://www.hwb.com.sg/F&B Products.php.


Health - Cell Therapy Capsules, Vita18, Nutrition Care Series...                                              


Cell Therapy Capsules

Redefining the Luxury of Youth

Cell Therapy Capsules is the Swiss Anti Aging Cell Therapy Supplement
This is a product that sell by itself by word of month after you used it. It is a health product, or longevity product, anti aging, that wake up and repair your cell. Which works from inside out.

Beauty - Pure Secrets, AA formula...


The beauty Expert

Precious skincare for the privileged
People will  compliment your skin, not your


The Ultimate Ant-Aging Skin Care Product

Collagen Replenishment
make your body self create Collagen


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