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The beauty Expert 

The Skincare product is created by avita Laboratories to offer luxury skin care to the people who expects to remain beautiful and desirable at every age. The avita products help prolong the youthful appearance of even the most delicate skin. 

Each product is created to confront the problems of premature aging, environmental hazards and keep your skin youthful. It is important to adopt a sustainable skincare regime from an early age.

Your skin is pampered and lifted by a gift of energy and moisture that fulfils your skin care needs. 


Pure Secrets...


Precious skincare for the privileged

People will  compliment your skin, not your make-up

PURE SECRETS INTENSIVE HYDRATING INFUSION is a skin -transforming " Hydro Elemental Complex" formula, developed using the latest state of the art technologies that recharges the skin's electrical balance with pure trace elements.

This complex can also help to eliminate reactive oxidative stress and free radicals in the skin cells and eliminate the old and aged cells while enhancing the absorption and replenishment of nutrients in the healthy cells.

See flawless skin faster with Pure Secrets’ high-powered treatment. From shattering your most persistent dark spots, even your dark eye circles, to detoxifying and revitalizing your skin, to maximizing your skin’s renewal cycles, the “Hydro Elemental Complex” gives your skin that radiates brightness with amazing clarity and inner light.

5 Magical Secrets of Pure Secrets

  • Enhances vitality of the skin cells and normalizes the functions of the skin.
  •  Replenishes moisture in the skin and locks it in.
  •  Lightens scars, regenerates and activates skin cells.
  •  Eliminates reactive oxygen species in the cells and boosts cellular metabolism.
  •  Replenishes trace elements that are needed by the body and enhances cellular rejuvenation and invigoration.
This is pure science at its best offering unparalleled benefits; quite simply, the skin looks feels and moves like younger skin.


AA Formula ...

The Ultimate Ant-Aging Skin Care Product

Collagen Replenishment

The AA Formula is specially formulated to activate your cells to generate, produce and replenish collage and elastin, which are essential proteins to lift energize and moisturize your skin.

Most skin care products contain collagen to enhance the appearance of the skin. The avita AA Formula, however, harnesses the power of your own cells; revitalizing and stimulating your cells to self generate collagen and elastin proteins to your skin, leaving your skin moisturized, enriched and flawless. 

The AA Formula is your chance to give yourself a gift of perfect skin.


  • Promotes regeneration of collagen protein and elastin protein.

  • Keeps skin moisturized, radiant and beautiful  always.
  • Enhances skin's flirmness, smoothness and elasticity.
  • Improves complexion.

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